Lots of Amenities and Peaceful Too

It is kind of funny about the apartment that I am living in. I knew I did want anything fancy, because an apartment complex that has too many amenities also means that it is going to hit the pocketbook hard at least once a month at rent time. I just wanted a quiet place that is nice and reasonably priced, and one that does not look like a typical apartment complex. I did a search for Alamo Heights San Antonio apartments to start looking, and I really liked what I saw in the first few pictures that I saw of The Niche.

The apartments are not what you would normally see for an apartment complex. When I continued to flip through the pictures though, I saw what I did not want, which was a swimming pool, a gym where people can work out in different ways, and other community features that would delight most people. It is not that I am against these things, because I do enjoy them. I just thought that I would not be able to afford them. I almost clicked off of the site without looking further because I just assumed it was out of my price range with how nice everything looked.

I am so glad that I did not do that though! I was intrigued because it looked like such a peaceful place, so I did look at the layouts of the apartments and also at the prices. I was really shocked when I saw how much it would cost to rent a one bedroom there. It is around the same price I would have paid at one without a lot of amenities. It is really nice being able to live somewhere and have these things without paying a really high price to be able to use them!