Getting to Know more about Satay

Satay has reached the level of fame that positions it among top dishes known in the international scene; there is no doubt about that. Hailing from Asia, the world knows that this dish is one of the most delicious human ever invented. In Asia alone, there are numerous iterations of the dish; each country in Asia even has its own version of satay. But those variations have one root; it all began when Muslim traders arrived at Java in the past, bringing along their original form of kebab. People of the Island then reworked that specific dish and created satay in the process. From there, satay spread all across the Asian continent, becoming one of the most pride local cuisines the world has ever come to know. Organically, satay is called or named based on its main ingredient—the meat. Hence, anything can be made into satay, with little to no difference in terms of condiments, side dish, or marinating medium. In the case of Indonesian satay, however, the name of a satay dish can also be derived of where it originates. And given that Indonesia is an archipelago, there are more satay variations than one can ever imagine.

One in particular is chicken satay Indonesia. This is arguably the most famous of all kinds of satay in Indonesia and perhaps the most widely recognized dish as well. It is probably the most ubiquitous dish in Indonesia, able to be found both at the street level or fancy, five-star restaurants. Using chicken as its main ingredient, chicken satay is easy to prepare and utilize fewer ingredients in the process. Chicken cutups are usually marinated in a mixture of ground peanut and sweet soy sauce. They are then skewered using bamboo skewers and then are grilled over open fire from charcoal. The remaining marinating mixture is brushed over the skewered chicken cutups while being grilled. Once done, satay is arranged on a plate. Sweet soy sauce is poured over them. Add sliced shallots and chili bean, and the dish is ready to serve.

Skewers are where satay is different from kebab. Kebab usually uses skewers made of iron while Indonesian satay employs skewers made of bamboo. The bamboo will be heated up during the grilling and this adds aromatic components to the chicken in the process. Chicken satay is normally sweet to savory in taste. Sharp taste can be obtained through the addition of shredded chili or sambal—Indonesian signature condiment made of ground chili and garlics.