The Fitness Center Was the Deciding Factor

My husband and I bought our first house nearly eight years ago. We thought that we would love being homeowners, but we absolutely did not. We had both lived in apartments prior to buying our house, and we were just used to other people taking care of the maintenance. This included work outside the apartments as well as anything that went wrong inside them. When we decided to move to Marietta, it was easy to sell our house. We knew that we were going to look at Marietta apartments though rather than another house because we just did not want the work or responsibility that comes with owning your own place.

Granted, we could have paid someone to come cut our lawn and fix our dishwasher when it went on the blink, but those are things that are covered in the rental agreement for most apartment complexes. Also, the monthly rent is lower than what we were paying on our house mortgage every month because we had to have insurance and pay property taxes. Even before we knew for sure that we were going to make our move, I had looked at apartments in Marietta to make sure we would be able to find a nice place to live.

We already knew that we would not have children, so we only needed a one bedroom apartment. We are both pretty social, so we didn’t see the need to pay for a bigger place when we would not be there that often except to sleep. When I saw the luxury apartments at Ashford Retreat, I knew that I had found the place I wanted to be. It is real close to all sorts of things in town, plus there is a fitness center right on the property. That definitely is something we are both interested in, and it was the deciding factor on us moving there.